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Hello, all! My name is Cari and this is my blog. I borrowed my catch phrase “more-than-human” from Paul Waldau, the director of the Anthrozoology master’s degree program at Canisius College, which I am so proud to be a part of. After several years working as a nurse, I finally realized it was OK to change my mind and my path for a bigger dream. In the middle of a nursing management class, I pushed aside my notes, opened up my laptop and Googled “Online Zoology Degrees”. And there was Canisius- offering a human-animal studies program that I think might have been designed just for me! Happily, I discovered there are other “me”s out there…looking to devote their lives to create a “more-than-human” world, and foster respect and love for other species.

Despite having to constantly explain why I would leave the lucrative career of nursing for the less secure sector of animal conservation and welfare, I have no doubt I have found where I fit in. My long-term goal is to open an elephant sanctuary in the U.S. where the elephants of America can go to retire, relax, and become elephant again. I am confident that we will convince the zoos and circuses to retire their elephant exhibits and acts and end the imprisonment of these amazing, deeply emotional persons (along with other suffering animals.)

In the meantime, I am a full-time graduate student, working two part-time jobs (one nursing, one babysitting), volunteering at two organizations (a local library and a local wildlife rehab center), and still enjoying time with family and friends when I can. So why not add in a blog to this busy, beautiful life?

Thanks for joining me here, I hope you like what you read!


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  1. SLChap

    It brings me great joy to watch someone follow their dreams! I am looking forward to your post about how it feels to open your elephant sanctuary and all the posts between now and then.


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