Welcome to India!

Suddenly I’ve found myself in the midst of the swirling chaos of Bangalore. After the quiet familiarity of rural Thailand, the steady crush of people has me feeling a bit claustrophobic and overwhelmed. However, in the middle of the hustle and bustle are the dedicated folks who make up Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Center and Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, who have welcomed me with open arms.

Bangalore = NOT rural Thailand.

Bangalore = NOT rural Thailand.

This incredible team has so much on their plate! So far I’ve visited Bannerghatta Rescue Center and the Elephant Care Center (more on that in a bit), but have yet to see the dog and cat rescue, the geriatric center, the trauma center, and the large animal care facility!


My schedule is filling up with trips all across India to visit elephants and people associated with WRRC/CUPA. On the list: Chennai, Mysore, Kerala, and Delhi! I’ve rented out a small room at a PG (paid guest accommodation) just as a place to lay my head when I’m in Bangalore and store my luggage while I’m on the road. I’ll be moving there tomorrow after a weeklong stay with a very gracious friend, Anand.


The highlight of my first week in India is, you guessed it, meeting an elephant. Aneesha has been at the elephant care facility in Malur since May. Although much of her history is unknown, she is estimated to be 56 or 57 years old and at some point suffered a very serious injury to both front legs. The injury has been exacerbated by severe arthritis and the pain, although much improved since coming to the facility, is evident. She is encouraged to walk throughout the day, otherwise she stands under her shelter, taking turns lifting one leg after the other.

Gorgeous lady, Aneesha.

Gorgeous lady, Aneesha.

I’ve made some suggestions for enrichment based on what I saw at BLES and also set up communication between Katherine and Dr. Ganguly for discussion regarding the continual efforts to improve Aneesha’s welfare.

Here she is plucking out the choice greens. You can see that the position of her legs is unnatural due to an injury in her past.

Here she is plucking out the choice greens. You can see that the position of her legs is unnatural due to an injury in her past.

Overall, Aneesha is in a very good place and appears mentally well. She is well cared for and most importantly, allowed to be Elephant…no working, no human schedules, no external pain inflicted. I look forward to spending more time with her and watching and hearing about her continued improvement.

If you’d like to help Aneesha as she heals, donate here.

Aneesha is a gentle soul who has been granted a chance to heal.

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  1. Sissy

    You are so fortunate to be able to see first hand the plight of these beautiful, mystical creatures. I am so jealous…enjoy every minute of it. I miss you, but I want you to experience it all. Love, Sissy


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