Tamman! Tamman!

I am incredibly proud to have played a role in the March sterilization clinic at BLES. Several incredible professionals joined us for an intense seven days of surgery and treatment. Dr. Poppy and vet nurse Wa came from Chiang Mai, Dr. Lauren from the UK, and Monica, a fellow American living in Chaing Mai, worked together so well and it was amazing to see them in action!

Dr. Saradet and his team from Pitsanaluck did an outreach clinic at a local clinic for three days as well. With Katherine and David working the front end and mahouts going out to gather up more and more animals, the team successfully sterilized (drum roll please) a RECORD 213 dogs and cats!


Pups awaiting surgery.


Post-surgical pups.


Dr. Poppy and Dr. Lauren hard at work! These two are superstars!


During the clinic, a local man brought a very special dog to us- Sabi- who had been hit by a car and was paralyzed in her back legs. It was evident it had been a while since the accident as she has bad wounds on the tops of her back feet and inside her hips where she has been dragging herself. I gave this beautiful girl a bath and spent an hour or so ridding her of ticks and fleas. She is so patient with her wound treatment, even falling asleep on her back as I treated them! Soon she’ll have a wheelchair like iMac’s and we hope the two will become friends. We formed a bond during the short time we spent together before I left Thailand so I think about her often, but I know David and Katherine are taking excellent care of her. Welcome to the BLES family, Sabi, your luck has certainly changed!


How gorgeous is my friend Sabi?


She is such a trooper, falling asleep during a wound treatment.

I was happy to help, some days at the clinic and other days holding down the fort with guests back at the sanctuary. The sterilization clinic was a main reason that I extended my trip as I knew it would be a busy week! The incredible dedication of the BLES team continues to astound me. I look forward to helping one in the future- I especially look forward to one suggestions\ coming to fruition: David driving around on his motorbike with a megaphone yelling, “Tamman! Tamman! (Sterilization! Sterilization!)”

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