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10 tried-and-true Vegan Pinterest Recipes

Veganism has actually spurred in me a “like” of cooking…I can’t quite say “love” but I do enjoy it now when I’m in the mood. Pinterest is a source of endless inspiration, but how do you pick out the recipes worth trying? I’ve taken the guesswork out of some of them for you and the following is a list of meals that have become staples at my house.

Lentil Soup

 The absolute only thing I will miss about winter is this soup created by Corey at Family Fresh Meals. No really, I’m serious. This is easy and delicious crock-pot magic at its best. I switch out the beef broth for vegetable broth (as she suggests for her vegetarian readers) and I like to throw in a can of corn and a can of peas near the end to add extra color and flavor.





Vegan mac and cheese- with a kick!

Joseph and I like all things spicy…so a comfort food that is vegan and spicy? Heck yeah! I always keep raw cashews around for this favorite. And this isn’t the only great recipe the duo at Minimalist Baker has to offer. Take some time to try some of their other recipes too- you won’t be disappointed.


Mushroom Quinoa

Yum. What is better than mushrooms? Add in a power food like quinoa and we’re really talking. Thank Bailey Rae at The Local Vegan for this one. When I’m feeling lazy I just use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic. Another great discovery, my trusty rice cooker makes perfect quinoa too, using the white rice setting.





General Tso’s Tofu

This one might just be my favorite of favorites. There are no good Chinese restaurants in my town but who cares when I can throw together this bad boy all on my own? First time making tofu? Allyson at Domestic Superhero has got you covered with this recipe.


BBQ Tempeh

I really like the texture and taste of tempeh. Unfortunately for him, my S.O. doesn’t. So when I want something easy and tasty to whip up and choose this, he’s on his own for the evening. The creator of this recipe, Diana at Chic Life, says this is an easy recipe. And she’s telling the truth. The only suggestion I have is to boil the tempeh for 5 minutes first. It removes some of the bitterness.


Cauliflower and Potato Curry

Bite the bullet and buy some curry powder and turmeric for this recipe by Kelly at The Pretty Bee. If you like curry, you WILL make this recipe more than once. Plus, potatoes! Dress that beautiful starch up in Indian goodness and give your mouth a treat!

cauli and potato curry

Chickpea Curry

Since we’re on the subject of curry, here’s another easy and delicious one, this time from Julia’s Album blogger, you guessed it, Julia. Find the red curry paste in the international aisle- the 4 oz. jar by Thai Kitchen will make this recipe twice and then serve as a good specimen holder on your next naturalist hike.

chickpea curry




Vegan Pot Pies

As I mentioned before, John and Dana at Minimalist Baker know what they are doing. As promised, it only takes an hour to make this goodie. If you are making it in a casserole dish, I suggest doubling the recipe. My one criticism: the biscuits work great for the pot pie but aren’t much to write home about on their own.


Banana Oatmeal Cookies

No recipe list is complete without a few sweet treats. Easy is an understatement on these little bite-sized pieces of happiness. They are literally banana and oatmeal cookies…those are seriously the only two ingredients. Throw in some raisins, walnuts, or vegan chocolate chips as you see fit, throw them in the oven for 15 minutes and WAH-LAH: cookies. Thank you Josiah and Lauren of the Burlap Bag, for making the world a better place.





The best chocolate chip cookies ever

I’m not exaggerating. This really is THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. It isn’t vegan, but that’s an easy fix. Throw in a nice ripe banana in place of the eggs, use Earth Balance vegan butter and vegan chocolate chips. Wash it down with almond milk. Don’t thank me, thank Host the Toast blogger Morgan.

CC cookies





Acknowledgements: All the images belong to the amazing bloggers who created the recipes. I think they taste as good when I make them, but they aren’t quite as pretty!