Sanctuary for all

I’ve been really touched here at BLES to see that everyone, be they elephant, human, cat, dog, or pig, is treated with the same love and respect. No one is turned away here at BLES or treated as less than. This sanctuary, formed in the memory of little Boon Lott, has helped so many animals since its inception. Just as this place is a home for elephants, a place where they can feel safe and loved, it is a home for any animal in need. It is a community of acceptance and caring built on a foundation of an incredible team of humans working together. I am so proud to be a part of it, even for a short time, and I know I will carry the spirit of BLES throughout my life. I hope someday that the sanctuary I build can be so filled with the same peace and love.

I have enjoyed seeing Wassana, free of her boot, taking full advantage of a big patch of mud, no more or less than seeing Galong return from surgery acting like a normal, vivacious puppy. I have sat in awe watching Boon Thong slowly eat her way through a banana tree and felt the same love for Lady as I sit with her while she eats to make sure not of the big dogs steal her meal.

If BLES has taught me anything, its to remember that everyone matters. Being a sanctuary is about helping who ever needs it, about spreading love and awareness for all animals. Its about being quick to help and slow to judge.


Beautiful Beyonce, a beloved member of the BLES family.


Ton, Wifi, Pizza, Gummee, Honey, and ChaCha.


Boon Thong, a lovely, peaceful lady.


Lom and Pang Tong, who trumpet with glee each morning when reunited.


Ngor (middle) getting to know Pan Suai and Pang Noi.


Ngor, a grandfatherly figure who I am drawn to for his tranquil spirit.


Katherine and Pizza watching over Lom and Pang Tong.


Wassana, the most social (with humans) elephant here at BLES, joins us under a tamarind tree.


Pang Dow stands alongside Wassana as Katherine and Phi Loy finish up her daily morning foot treatment.

3 thoughts on “Sanctuary for all

  1. Freeda Madigan

    Cari, it sure sounds like you are having the beat time of your life, you are livingryour dream, so happy for you, I do hope one day you have your sanctuary, keeping you in my prayers, love you very much. Grandma

  2. Franci

    I love what you said about being quick to help and slow to judge. I can’t wait to see what you do in the states! đŸ™‚


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