Oh my goodness, I’m in Thailand!

Sawat dii kah!

After a very, very long journey (38 hours, all told), I’m on the other side of the planet in Thailand! A few hiccups along the way and very little sleep so as soon as I made it to my lovely homestay, I crashed at 7:30 pm. Wah-lah! Acclimated to the time change on the first day.


The smallest, but most beautiful, airport I’ve ever seen.

I was greeted at the homestay by the incredibly lovely Rerai and Heinz, who did not expect me until the next day. They handled this with incredible grace and kindness and had me settled quickly. I have my own little bungalow!


Home sweet home at Paradeise.

This morning I was picked up by Katherine’s husband and co-founder of BLES, Anon. He doesn’t speak English but has a welcoming smile. I spent the day with Katherine and David soaking it all in and learning as many names as I could (with notebook in hand!)

Today’s highlights:

  • Watching Pang Noi and Pang Sui, best friends in their 30s, interact with Ngor, a 70-year-old male. This was the first time the ladies and Ngor had ever interacted and it was a very special moment.
  • Watching Mee Chok play under the hose. Mee Chok is only seven but suffers greatly from PTSD. He was so delighted with his shower that it went on for almost an hour!
  • The Gossip Girls joining us for lunch. Wassana, Lotus, and Pang Dow are incredibly bonded and also enjoy spending time with the humans- especially when there is possibility for a special snack.
  • Cuddling with Winter. Winter is an 8 month old puppy with hip dysplasia. She can’t (or couldn’t) walk on her back legs but adores a cuddle. We spent about an hour together. A little while later, she walked for the first time in ages! Another incredibly special moment.
  • IMG_4717

    Mee Chok enjoyed playing the water from the hose. (That’s Katherine being his personal sprinkler.)


Pang Noi and Pang Sui enjoying an afternoon dip.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that the SD card reader I brought along is not compatible with my Mac, so I can’t share nearly as many pictures as I’d like. These are from my iPhone.


Goodnight/Good day!

2 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, I’m in Thailand!

  1. Ann Southcombe

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you are settling in fast and very well. Looks like such a fun and rewarding job. I know you will be working hard and learning a lot but a dream of a job!

  2. Sissy

    Oh, my. They got you started right away…I love what I am seeing and reading so far. I secretly wish I was with you, but I will live vicariously. Have a blast, learn a lot and be safe. Love, Sissy


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