Happy Valentine’s Day from BLES

Love is always in the air here at BLES. You can see it in everyone’s smiles and hear it in the elephants’ trumpets and squeaks. Time is flying by, as I soak up the positive energy and learn as much as possible.


My Valentine/easer of Odie withdrawal: Gummee.

Every day, the elephant walk is a little different. Sometimes we stay in the grassy areas as the all the eles pull up tuft after tuft, sometimes we trek to the river to watch the elephants swim.


Lom and Pang Tong heading for the shore.

Yesterday, we all sat beneath the tamarind trees, eating the fruit along with Wassana, who showered us with leaves.


Wassana: The view from below.

I’m starting to understand why David and Katherine both have a crush on Mr. Moo. He is a magnificent elephant. It is not possible to take a bad picture of him.


Moo climbs up the hill to find just the right snack.

Personally, my heart belongs to 70-year-old Ngor. It is so touching to see him walk about freely with his beloved mahout, spending his old age in peace and security.


Regal old Ngor.

BLES is a place that teaches love and respect for all species.


Wassana and Beyonce.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from BLES

  1. Darlene

    Cari, I am so enjoying your journey, soak it all in!! Can’t wait to see where you end up, just finished back log of your papers and information about your studies and research posted to date. Insomnia has its rewards!! We will be watching and rooting for your continued commitment to helping Earth’s regal creatures. Hug an ele for me please!

  2. Lorraine Donlon

    What a magical experience. I’m so happy for you sweetheart. This kind of loving post helps balance all the news that’s so tragic and heartbreaking. Just knowing places like this exist in the world gives me hope for a more peaceful future. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.
    With love,
    Kerulos volunteer


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