Dreams cost money. Help!


I have been offered the chance to realize my dreams and more importantly, make the lives of elephants better. As most of you know, my long-term goal is to open an elephant sanctuary on the east coast of the U.S. The sanctuary would serve as a safe place for zoo and circus elephants to heal from the emotional wounds caused by captivity. This is a BIG dream, which will take the support of many people who agree that elephant lives matter. I have accepted an internship through the Kerulos Center that will take me to Thailand, India, and western U.S. to meet elephants and humans who can help me help captive elephants.


There’s just one small hurdle: MONEY. Plane tickets, housing, and food cost money. This is the first step in my journey to building a safe, loving environment to promote the healing of elephants in the U.S. and I NEED YOUR HELP! So I’m gritting my teeth and asking for money.


If I’m able to raise the money, I’ll be posting updates here on the blog BUT donors will receive a handwritten postcard from Thailand or India!


Every bit helps!

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