Billy, photo by Catherine Doyle, borrowed from this article:

Billy, photo by Catherine Doyle, borrowed from this article:

Billy is a male elephant who has been held captive at L.A. Zoo for almost all of his 30 years. He is suffering greatly, as indicated by the stereotypic motions that he makes all day. This week, after talking with my mentor Gay Bradshaw, and her friend Kiersten Cluster, I have decided, with Billy as my inspiration, to make my sanctuary a place for male elephants like Billy.

Kiersten founded this campaign to help Billy and the two female elephants at the L.A. Zoo. The petition calls for their release to sanctuary. However, Billy doesn’t really have a spot at a sanctuary. Males have special needs and can create new problems in sanctuaries that are home to female elephants. So I’m going to create a place just for Billy and other male elephants in need.

As Kiersten and others continue the fight for Billy’s release, I’ll be gathering as much knowledge as possible at BLES and in India about how to make a safe and healing environment for male elephants.

Please, take a minute to sign the campaign to release the elephants at L.A. Zoo. If you have a few bucks to spare to help me on my journey, visit my GoFundMe page.

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